Needing to get in shape quickly for wedding

My fiance and I are about to get married much sooner than we expected. The venue I chose for our special day was booked solid until a year from now. I was disappointed, but chose a date and figured I had plenty of time to plan things and get in better shape. I started eating cleaner and working out for approximately 30 minutes in the mornings. Then I got a call from the venue saying they had a cancellation and could bump our wedding day up. Now, I am scheduled to get married in several months instead of a year, and I am not prepared. I would prefer not to walk down the aisle and pose for photographs when I don’t look my best. I know how to lose weight, but I am not sure how to effectively get rid of fat, build muscle and manage it in a healthy manner in just under six months. I am now signing up for professional help. I got in touch with a local health and fitness center and found a personal trainer. Three days a week, I meet with him for a private physical training session. We focus mainly on building and toning muscle. Two days per week, I participate in a group fitness class run by a fitness expert. The class is all about cardio work. Once a week, I take nutritional counseling to be sure I am eating properly to support the workout plan. I am hopeful that the combinations of these measures will make sure I look fantastic on my wedding day. I am also planning to wear a swimsuit on my honeymoon, and I want my belly to be flat and toned. I want to have toned arms and look healthy and fit all the photographs.


Personal Physical Training

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