Not happy with virtual group training

There are benefits and drawbacks to social distancing.

I like thawing everything I need delivered to the house.

I no longer go grocery shopping, visit the dentist, the bank or even schedule a vet appointment anymore. Everything is through virtual skype. However, my group fitness class at the fitness center is also virtual. I hate it. I used to drive to the gym, take advantage of the variety of equipment and really enjoy the time spent there. Sometimes I would really spoil myself and utilize the steam room, sauna and pool. Most of the days, I would run on the treadmill. My favorite part of my day was the fitness class. My personal trainer included all sorts of equipment for us to play around with. He incorporated kettlebells, weighted poles, wobble boards, jump ropes and resistance bands into our training sessions. I also worked with a partner on various drills and that was fun. With the class now virtual, it is seriously limited. The personal trainer can’t ask us to do anything unusual because it requires equipment. Very few of us are prepared with a wide range of options. We can’t do partner work anymore. I am frustrated that my computer sometimes shuts down or loses internet midway into the lesson. I am always struggling with technical difficulties. It is more difficult to hear instructions and corrections from our trainer as well. I am hoping that once the virus issue is taken care of, I can return to in-person class again. I want to interact with people, use the equipment and actually benefit from a strenuous workout. Right now I feel as if I am just standing around, messing with the computer for an hour. I don’t feel good at the end of the session.



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