Office opened with an HVAC reward

I have a small advertising firm that I thought I might lose last year. With the economy grinding to a near halt, most companies were cancelling their business left and right. Plus, I had loyal staff that have been with me from the beginning that I wanted to be sure still had jobs. It was a spot that all the air conditioning in the world wouldn’t keep me from sweating through. Ultimately, we had to send everyone home to work in the safety of the air conditioning of individual homes. And I had to ask everyone to dig deep on some pay cuts. To fuel the payroll, I took no paycheck for the year and lived off our savings and my wife’s salary. There was no way I was asking everyone to keep working from the air conditioning of home for less without doing that and more myself. The beautiful thing was that we saved the business and actually turned a profit. I immediately turned that profit right back to our staff through bonuses and an HVAC upgrade in our newly reopened office. I had the HVAC company do their magic to our existing HVAC equipment so we could enjoy zone controlled HVAC throughout the office. This had actually been an overdue HVAC upgrade. Our office is actually an open space that spans one floor of an office building. However, up until the zone controlled HVAC was installed, there had been only one thermostat for the whole office. That just didn’t work very well. So I was thrilled to see how excited everyone was to have 5 different zone control heating and cooling places throughout our office now.


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