Our son wanted to be his own boss with his career

I always explained to our son that he had to find a good job where he was able to get a decent wage.

He was able to start at an office job and he worked that a little while until he graduated high school.

He ended up telling us that he realized something important, he didn’t want to work for a wage anymore. He wanted to be his own boss and get different contract work. He said he wanted to learn a trade so he could do that, so he opted to get into the HVAC industry. He said he had been thinking about it for awhile and he had plans to take night classes while he was working until he could finally start a new career as an HVAC professional. I’ll tell you, once that kid makes his mind up, he sticks to it. He was set on becoming the best HVAC professional around. He didn’t even want to have a boss at some HVAC company when he got his HVAC certification, he started his own HVAC business out of his garage. Eventually he was able to get his own little shop and he has been getting really good business from the very beginning. The thing is, he already knew most of the people around the area and he went to see them personally to tell them about his new HVAC business. He was able to get the perfect amount of HVAC clients and word spread about his excellent HVAC services at amazing prices. These days he’s so busy, he had to hire a reasonable amount of HVAC professionals to help me out.



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