Keeping window open to save money

It is incredible how when summer comes the HVAC bill spikes.

Even without summer the bill is already expensive enough as it is, but when summer comes along, it goes through the roof.

I have been trying all kinds of different methods to try and reduce my bill, but so far, none have reduced my bill enough to my liking. A lot of people recommended covering up windows, using ceiling fans, sealing your home and more. I have tried all of those methods, and while I have definitely noticed a reduction in my bill, I still wanted it to be lower. It occurred to me that there really is no other option except to reduce the amount of cooling I use. I didn’t want to do that, because I thoroughly enjoyed the HVAC system on full blast, but I knew I had to if I wanted to save money. I started turning off my cooling unit at night and instead opening a window. By then, the summer heat had died down and made room for a cool nice day. I would go to sleep with the window open, and I would feel the cool breeze on my face. I was really surprised at how good it felt, I couldn’t tell the difference between the breeze and the actual A/C. Since I started doing this every night as well as the other methods, my bill has reduced by more than half, and I can finally say that I am happy. The best part is that I don’t really feel like I am using my air conditioner any less, since it feels the same at night.

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Duct cleaning improved my allergy symptoms

Within the past few days, my allergies have really been acting up.

Anything that gets in my vicinity is almost destined to get sneezed on.

Usually my allergies are manageable with thorough cleaning and my medications. But maybe there is extra pollen or dust in the air, because I have had an allergy storm as of recently. I started doing a bit of reading, anything to get my allergies to stop. One of the things I read on was an air purifier, which is something I have been wanting to buy for a long time now. Most of the websites I shop on, I actually have air cleaners on my wishlist. Well now is a better time than ever to go ahead and buy one, and after reading reviews, I felt ever more reassured that I was making the right decision. I went ahead and ordered the whole home media air cleaner, and I was greeted with a message saying that due to delays my order will likely arrive late. My order wasn’t predicted to arrive for another 2 weeks! There was no way I could wait that long while still sneezing, so while I waited, I looked for other options. Another suggested method was getting duct cleaning. Apparently a lot of dust and other gunk get stuck in your air vents and ducts, and can cause allergies. So I called an A/C business that did duct cleanings. They came out and were done cleaning the air ducts within a few hours. I definitely noticed a difference, I wasn’t sneezing as much and I felt a bit better. That will be enough until I get the whole home media air purifier.

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I asked about my brother’s air conditioning system

Living in a cramped apartment was not enjoyable in the least. The door creaked, the microwave stopped working and the HVAC was a mess. However it was better than living with my ex boyfriend, who at times, became physically abusive. Now that I am finally independent, I can make my own decisions, I just wish I could have afforded a better place. The lack of air conditioning I think is what bothers me the most, because it seems like it would be a very easy issue to fix. I’ve read about HVAC equipment and how you would go about fixing them, and while I don’t plan on trying it myself, it didn’t seem that hard. However, my landlord acted as if I asked them to climb into a volcano when I mentioned sending a cooling serviceman out. He acted as if me merely asking that was a crime! So when I visited my brother’s place and felt the absolute contrast in temperatures I was impressed. My brother’s indoor air quality reminded me of spring, it was fresh and clean. The cooling unit was working very well, and it did a great job of keeping his home cool. I doubt that I will be getting out of my apartment anytime soon, but with an A/C component this nice, I had to ask what kind he had. My brother had to check, and then he told the A/C model and the place that had it installed. If I ever get a home, I know what air conditioner I am getting.

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I can’t believe my luck

It is in the middle of one very hot summer.

  • It seems like everyday so far has been exceptionally hot, and as soon as I think it can’t be any hotter, it will be the next day.

I have been tolerating the heat by staying indoors as much as possible, and when I do decide to leave, then I go out for only a little while before heading straight indoors. Between the car’s air conditioner and central A/C in my home I was good. Or at least I was, I guess I pushed my central air conditioning a little too hard, because it shut off and now it won’t come back on. It’s true that I haven’t had the cooling system looked at by a professional HVAC serviceman for a long time, so that probably contributed to my A/C’s demise. I already called and have an appointment with a cooling corporation, but it seems I’m not the only one facing a broken A/C dilemma, as the HVAC companies were completely booked! So that means for the next 2 weeks I am going to have to live without A/C. On one particularly hot day, I decided to step out of my house and get a cooling breeze elsewhere. I entered a nice looking restaurant and was seated at a table. I was enjoying the cool and crisp air for a little white, when I noticed it started getting hot in there too. A few minutes later I heard one of the waitresses mention the A/C system breaking down. I couldn’t believe my bad luck, all I wanted was air conditioning and the one place I go to their A/C system breaks.

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I almost forgot about my warranty

About a week ago, I noticed my cooling system was having issues again.

I was so sick and tired of dealing with this darn air conditioning device.

The past couple of years it has been giving me nothing but trouble and continuous visits from the heating and air conditioning technician, which is more money out of my pocket that I can’t afford. Anyways, the reason why I didn’t get a new one and keep paying to have my bad one repaired is because I simply couldn’t afford it. I originally asked my wife for help, but she told me it was my idea to install this model of HVAC, even though she was against it, so it was my responsibility. However, now that she’s been suffering without the cooling device as well, she told me that she could pay half as long as we choose the HVAC device that she wants. I was okay with anything at this point, and so my wife consulted a certified HVAC specialist for HVAC technology recommendations. Once the selected air conditioner was installed in our home and working again, the cooling technician reminded me about the warranty. I didn’t think I would forget about it, so I didn’t pay him much mind. It actually wasn’t until a week later when I was about ready to go to bed did I realize I never registered the warranty. I don’t know how fast you need to register the warranty but it has been a week. I immediately hopped up and registered the warranty, and now without that worry on my mind, I was able to go back to bed.

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I put a gate around my air conditioning unit

I had just bought a home a few months ago, and it took me a few weeks but eventually I had everything moved from my previous home to my new home.

Once I had settled in a bit, then came the decorating.

I always loved the decorating aspect of homes, and it is always something I looked forward to. It didn’t take me long to cover the walls with paintings and tapestries as well as many family photos. Nor did it take me long to furnish all of the rooms with matching sets of tables and chairs. Once I was done with my handiwork, I stepped back to admire it. As beautiful as I had made the inside of my home, no one was going to see it but me, since I lived alone. However there was still a lot on the outside that needed to be done as well, and that is something people can see, so I can show off to my neighbors how great my home looks. One of the updates I have been meaning to do is get a gate around my air conditioner. I really dislike the fact that the A/C device can be seen from the road. Since it’s grey and my home is yellow, it sticks out pretty badly. Thankfully it wasn’t that hard to go online and find some cheap but very pretty fence designs that could be placed around the air conditioner. There are places that offer professional gate installation, but I don’t think I need something like that for something so simple. I know my house is going to look great when I am done.



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I had to deal with a difficult customer

My boss called me over to talk about a certain customer.

The past couple of times, this one customer has been difficult.

I work as a heating and air conditioning technician at the HVAC company, and because my boss knows how well I am at handling difficult customers, he decided to send me out this time to confront the difficult customer without angering him. Last time he was getting HVAC service he was reluctant to pay the bill for the service, but he did pay. This time he is completely refusing to pay for service, so my boss sent me out to calmly explain things. When I arrived at the home, I could already tell the guy was in a bad mood, which didn’t look good. He was pretty mad, and it was hard to get a word in without him cutting me off, so I instead let him rant until he tired himself, and then I calmly explained the bill and what each of our services mean. I find that a lot of people are reluctant to pay because they don’t quite understand what they are paying for, so they worry that we are overcharging them, which is a reasonable concern, since some places might actually do that. Once the guy had actually calmed down a little, I was able to point out what each service meant and why he was paying them. A great example was his refrigerant was low, so we refilled it. After I explained everything, he was much calmer and agreed to pay the bill.


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I’m happy with my old HVAC device

I knew when my heating and air conditioning bills started spiking, that it was just another sign.

My heating and cooling system had been messing up a lot recently and the last time it was looked at by a HVAC serviceman, he told me that my HVAC device was reaching the end of its lifespan, and probably wouldn’t last much longer.

This didn’t concern me in the slightest, because overall, I am quite happy with my old HVAC unit. I had it installed close to 20 years ago, and it has serviced my family and I well, so even though I knew it was going to break soon, I wasn’t that unhappy. I knew for a while that it wouldn’t last much longer, and so I already had money saved up for a new HVAC installation. Now it was going to be a matter of choosing what kind of air conditioning and heater for my home. HVAC technology is always changing, and it is much different than what it was 20 years ago. It’s changing to the point where it’s hard to keep up. But luckily for me, I don’t have to do the research alone, that is where the certified air conditioning technicians come in. Before I dare make any decisions, I will be consulting a cooling professional on the matter, and asking for their advice on the size, model and SEER rating based on my home and my area. For now, I will just wait until my current HVAC component does decide to kick the bucket before making any further plans.

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I didn’t want to have to worry about the heater

Finally, after several months of working with very little break, I finally took a few days off for mental rest.

I needed a vacation, and to enjoy myself.

Well I was on my first day of my vacation, when of course, that is when the heater stopped working. No, I thought to myself. Why on my day off? This is supposed to be a stress free few days. I was in my bed when I heard the furnace stop heating the house, and I was quite content to stay there. But knowing that I might not be able to get the heater back on continued to be a worry in the back of my mind, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep with that on my mind. So I got up and looked at the heating system. I couldn’t see anything physically wrong with it, so it was probably internal. The heater had been having issues for a while now, and now that I was wide awake and I had a few days off, now was a better time than ever to get the heating component checked out. I phoned the A/C company down the street and thankfully they were free for late today. The HVAC repairman arrived a good bit later today and checked over the heater. He told me that he could repair it, but it would likely fail again, because the heating machine was reaching the end of its life span, which is another issue I will have to worry about, but that will be in the future.


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I couldn’t make up my mind

It was late at night, and I had just finished work.

  • Another long day of overtime, and I had two things on my mind.

Food and sleep. My two favorite things. I knew I wanted to eat before going to bed, but I didn’t know what I wanted to eat. I was already in my car, so I decided to go out to eat somewhere. I could go to my favorite restaurant just down the street, but at the same time, there was a new place that opened up that is known for having the best chicken, which sounded delicious. I decided on the new place, and drove down there. When I got there, I noticed there was a lady out front shooing any new people away. Curious, I got out of my car to see what was going on. I talked to the lady, and apparently their HVAC device completely messed up, and it was really overheating in the restaurant, which was bad for the food quality, so they weren’t allowing any new customers until their HVAC component was fixed by an air conditioning worker. Well since the A/C system is messed up, that left me with no choice but to go with my favorite restaurant. I arrived at my favorite restaurant without issue, and thankfully, their air conditioning was cold and crisp, and I got to sit down and enjoy my meal without any issue. Once I was done and paid the bill, I went home for a little bit of TV and then went to sleep.



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