Some brands of window caulk have noxious fumes that off gas for days

When you use paint indoors, you have to be careful about fumes.

My friend nearly passed out while trying to paint his basement floor.

He was using oil based paint and had no ventilation down there at all. If he hadn’t stumbled back up the stairs while fighting off the effects, he might have accidentally killed himself that day. And worst of all, one of his kids would have likely found him before his wife, adding even more horror to the situation. Thankfully he’s fine now and learned a valuable lesson from the accident. You can’t afford to underestimate the danger of chemical fumes in tight indoor spaces. Since average cleaning products are capable of generating noxious fumes, this is a lesson that everyone needs to understand if they want to stay safe. I stupidly underestimated the fumes from my tube of window caulk before using it all over my house recently. My HVAC inspector was doing an air pressure and leakage test on my ductwork before asking me if all of my windows and doors were properly sealed. I had to admit they weren’t, so I went out and bought the strongest window caulk at the hardware store. I should have read the instructions and all of the warnings on the label first, but I was too impatient and started using it minutes after cutting the tip off the top. The fumes were noticeable at first, but they really started to build by the time I was finished sealing the windows throughout. By then the air conditioner was circulating the chemical odors and I had to leave my house to escape them. I almost made the same mistake as my friend despite knowing better.
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