The air conditioning in my car stopped working

I had to drive all afternoon to get home on time for our partner’s surprise gathering. My sister had helped me organize it when I was away for a business trip. I thought I would be back in the afternoon before, but there was one last meeting to handle before I could leave, but luckily our sister was a fantastic event organizer and had taken care of everything, and the meeting took a long time. I got on the road much later than expected. It was warm outside, so I relied on the car AC idea to keep me cool. The hotter it became, the higher I cranked up the heating and A/C thermostat to comfort the car interior. I believe I pushed the car air conditioner idea too far without intending to because it suddenly stopped working. At first, I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I felt the car get hotter and hotter. That forced me to roll down the car windows to catch some breeze! But it was a warm afternoon, so that didn’t work and I had thought it would. The only solution was to find a car AC worker to maintain the issue for me. I pulled into a city and started to search for an AC service shop in the area. At one of the filling stations, I got the instruction to a cooling system servicing garage a few metres away. There was an AC worker at the shop working on another car, so I knew instantly I’d have to wait our turn to get the air conditioner fixed. After explaining the issue to the heating and A/C service person, I got on the phone with my sister, and she promised me everything was taken care of to wait for the AC service a little longer. That was quite a relief because I didn’t want to drive all the way home without a functioning car AC system.

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