The day kept dragging on and on

That’s a single of the reasons why I am trying to hold our tongue.

I started a new job Last year and I absolutely hate it. I have to work, because I have more than one adolescents and a bestie. It is not cheap to raise a family. They need to eat and have shelter. My bestie works part-time at the gas station, however that doesn’t pay the bills. The two of us have to rely on our income as an HVAC maintenance serviceman. After I was done with high university, our parents gave to pay for a technical program so I would have a work. They knew I wasn’t going to school, however they didn’t want myself and others to end up working in a factory for the rest of our life, and factory jobs pay well, however they can be shut down at any time, hVAC maintenance servicemans are always in high demand. No matter where I live, I will always be able to find a job. I started working at this certain place a week ago. I needed a job after our bestie and I moved closer to our parents. My Mom hooked myself and others up with the job. That’s a single of the reasons why I am trying to hold our tongue. My Mom knows the owner. I do not appreciate the guy personally or professionally. He is a horrible boss that expects us to work from sunshine up until sunshine down while he sits in the loft in the AC. I assume the guy has received the right to sit in the office all day, however when we are out there working fifteen hours a day, the owner should be lending a helping hand.

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