The HVAC tune-up tech found a frayed wire

Every Spring, my wife and I have a full system tune-up performed on the heating and air conditioning system.

The full system tune-up is a great way to make sure that my heating and air conditioning system runs well and lasts a long time.

The HVAC tune-up technician always performed a thorough investigation on the system. My current HVAC unit is 6 years old. My wife and I have had a full system tune-up performed on the heating and air conditioning system every spring since we purchased the machine. Last summer was the first time we had major problems occur during the tune-up. The technician found a frayed wire in the connection between the air conditioner and the heat pump. The cause of the chewed wire was hard to determine, but the contractor and repair technician believed it could have been a rat or a mouse. There were no animals inside of the machine when the service technician checked on the equipment. The electrical wire was an important wire that would have stopped the machine from working. We were very lucky and extremely thankful that the service technician found the problem. The cost to fix The frayed electrical wire was only $7. If we would have needed to contact that repair service separate from the tune-up and on a different day, we would have had to pay for a service appointment as well. Since the problem was found during the tune up, we didn’t have to pay any extra fees other than the cost of the materials and the price of the tune up.



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