The mountain cabin was comfortable all winter thanks to the quality HVAC

Getting away from the busy city life was the solution I’d been searching for.

My dad was adamant I had to finish the book before summer and have it published.

But I couldn’t seem to concentrate in my tiny city apartment with all the noise and chaos around. So he suggested I go away for a while and find a peaceful spot to write. I did a little research and came across a mountain cabin set in the most beautiful location I had ever seen. It took some time to get there due to the snow, but thankfully it was warm when I got inside. The owner had told me the AC system was always on and would keep me comfortable throughout my stay. I wanted to believe her, but I had had a bad experience before. We went for a family skiing trip one winter and chose to stay in a cabin like it. I had insisted on a lodge, but my parents wanted adventure. It turns out that was a huge mistake since the heating unit was faulty. We had to use the portable AC units we’d brought with us just in case for the entire stay. The day the AC system stopped working, a huge snowstorm and snow blocked all the major access roads. There was no way an AC mechanic would get to the cabin and look at the air conditioner. That experience had made me fearful about mountain cabins, but I chose to give it one more try. The owner had sent me the latest HVAC maintenance report to show the unit was in good condition. She was right because the AC system worked throughout my stay at the lovely mountain cabin. It even had an air purification system that kept the indoor air quality at its best.

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