The new HVAC company surpassed my expectations

When my heating system broke down, I knew that I would need to find someone to fix it quickly.

I picked up the phone and decided to go with my usual heating and air conditioning business. However when I spoke to them they were all booked up! I could always go and pay for an emergency HVAC repair but that was much more expensive and there was no way I was going to wait two weeks for there to be an opening. I hung up the phone, at a loss as to what I should do. That is when my wife suggested that we try the new heating and cooling company in town. She told me that they were less popular because they were new and they would probably have openings available. So I went with her idea, I called them and sure enough they did have openings. I booked an appointment with them, but my standards were not too high. This heating and a/c provider was a small business and I was sure that their services wouldn’t be as good as the usual company I went with. However, I was soon to find just how wrong I was. When the HVAC technician arrived at my home, he got straight to work repairing my heating system and I was amazed how fast he got it done. My heater was working perfectly again and he was far more quick and professional than the other guys, but that wasn’t all. The price was much more affordable too. They surpassed my expectations and became my new go to heating and cooling business.


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