The new HVAC works great

Not so long ago, we were having troubles with the A/C in the living room.

  • The A/C system was clearly working, but the air coming from the HVAC vents wasn’t even cool.

We had an HVAC professional come out and he figured out that there was a refrigerant leak. He was able to clean up the mess and fix the leak. He explained how dangerous it is to deal with a refrigerant leak as it could be deadly if you make contact with this stuff. Refrigerant poisoning is a serious threat to your life and requires hospitalization right away. So we let the professional take care of everything and then we were given the okay. Of course, we had to stay clear of the HVAC for awhile but it was advised that we have the HVAC system upgraded. I considered just getting wall cooling units to have A/C in different rooms. Then a buddy of mine told me there was a better idea and that was to go for a ductless HVAC system. He said the ductless HVAC was easier to install and required much smaller holes to be made in the walls. It actually only requires a 3.5 inch hole and that’s where you run the connections for the line sets through the wall to the outside. It was so simple yet so brilliant when I thought about it. So we got this ductless HVAC delivered to my home and we worked on the installation. It was a lot easier than I anticipated and the new HVAC works great!
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