The quality is nothing to sneeze at

It always surprises myself and others when I first learn what some people deal with.

As someone who enjoys having their heating & a/c idea in top shape, when I go to other people’s homes, I often find the exact opposite.

It is entirely hard to find someone with great quality heating & AC that isn’t a professional business. Most Heating & A/C devices in people’s homes really aren’t unquestionably great quality, or they are great quality however in exhausting condition. Whenever I ask people about it, they don’t even seem to realize how exhausting their heating & cooling is. I just had this happen about a month ago. I visited my sibling’s place, & after only being there for maybe a few minutes, I could tell there was something wrong with her cooling component. First off, I think there were many hot & cold patches & I swear every room was a unusual temperature. Second, I noticed her Heating & A/C machine turned itself on & off many times during my day, without even touching it. Last, it was much noisier than it was supposed to be. When I confronted my friend about this, what she told myself and others was shocking. She entirely said she thought that is actually how ACs are supposed to be! It then took myself and others a minute of convincing & telling exactly how that is in no way normal, & even after I convinced him to call a Heating & A/C specialist, she somehow still seemed unsure. The entire time she had been living in an ever increasing environment, & she thought that was totally normal. It just baffles me.

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