The temperatures are just right and it’s nice to leave all the windows open

We’re in that season where the temperatures are cool and just right.

We haven’t had to use the A/C system in quite some time and it’s wonderful.

I love being able to have lower energy bills when not having to depend on the A/C system all the time. Fortunately, we have an energy efficient HVAC system so we never have to worry too much anyway, but it’s still nice to allow the HVAC system to rest. I love feeling that cool breeze through the house, it’s amazing. I can easily feel the air quality improving in the home as we get all that fresh air. There’s nothing quite like it to be honest. It’s also such an enjoyable time because football is here and everybody loves coming out to watch the games. We always love to provide food and drinks for our guests, but I always tell everybody to bring their own drinks so there will be plenty for everybody. Also, I can’t forget to mention how important it is to go for the heating tune-up. This is the ideal time to get the heating system checked out and tuned up so you know you’re good to go for the cold season. That’s exactly what I did right before we got into the regular season of the NFL. That’s the time I prefer to get everything done so I don’t have anything to be agonizing about. I hate to have unexpected expenses that are not already in the budget plan with my wife and I. That is the worst and it makes it so you have to compromise with other things we have planned.

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