There are OEM models of brand name ACs for a lot less with a different label name

I haven’t paid for a store model computer since 2008.

Since then, I’ve been building my own computers out of parts that I get from retailers on the internet.

You can buy the case, power supply, motherboard, fans, processor, memory, and necessary drives all separately. This way you can get the parts that you want and create a custom system. The pre-assembled computers at electronics stores are sometimes really limited in their options. They might have a good graphics card and lots of RAM, but could have an old processor that is getting increasingly closer to being obsolete. And for what you’re charged for the entire computer, you could buy the parts to assemble a much nicer computer if you have a few easily learnable skills. I used an OEM motherboard that is made by a top manufacturer under a different product label. My air conditioner is also an OEM product. It is sold under a weird manufacturer name, but it is identical to the same model sold by one of the top brands. Both air conditioners are made in the same factory as the weird company is the business that is responsible for making the original air conditioners for the reputable brand. You can get the same quality air conditioner at a much more affordable price. Whenever you’re getting price quotes on air conditioners, it pays to ask the HVAC supplier if they offer any OEM products and what their prices are. As long as I can keep finding these OEM air conditioners, I don’t see any reason to spend several thousand dollars more for the same thing with a different name on the sticker.

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