This was not my choice

I was not very ecstatic about this at all

I recently had been on a company trip for a task which caused myself and others to have to go halfway across the country to another state for a few days. While I was there I stayed at what was supposed to be a 5 star hotel. Well, the whole hotel itself may have been 5 star plus honestly nice. But it was all ruined whenever the central a/c plan in the hotel was less than perfect. It was possibly the worst a/c I suppose I ever experienced in a hotel. I had stayed in dingy little dirt hole motels when I was a teenager that had better a/c than this supposed to be 5 star hotel! The most wonderful thing was that our task was paying for the hotel stay. If it had been out of our own pocket, I would have most likely left plus found someplace else to happily stay. But because it was free, I stayed. I went out to a hardware store in the neighborhood plus purchased a portable a/c plan to plug in our hotel room, which made it feel so that I felt indoor comfort in the room when I was sleeping at least. I was not very ecstatic about this at all. I honestly did complain about it to the management plus they definitely were not helpful at all. They kind of blew myself and others off like they knew all about what I was saying plus didn’t plan on fixing their a/c. I can only imagine what this horrible place is like in the cold Winters with the heating! It’s no wonder they are still in business!

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