Using fitness training to waste time after work

My boyfriend and I share the use of a single vehicle.

We saw no reason to each own a separate vehicle since we have the same work schedule.

Whenever I need groceries or he wants to run errands, we go together. One vehicle for 2 people has never been an issue. Recently, my boyfriend’s work schedule shifted. He was given a promotion and now is required to work an hour later than I do. I was considering buying my own vehicle so I can go straight home after work rather than wait for him. I then decided to check out the area and see if there was something to do for an hour. I came across a fitness center that offers group and personal training sessions. I had never worked one-on-one with a personal trainer or been all that dedicated to physical fitness before. However, I’ve found that I really look forward to these sessions. I enjoy fitness training and classes, and I’m now in the best shape of our life. Five days a week, after I’m done with work, I take some type of physical training class. I have noticed an improvement in the shape of my arms. The muscles look toned. My belly is less curved and I have a lot more energy. On top of this, I am in a better mood after a strenuous workout, and I even sleep better at night. I have started talking to my boyfriend about signing up for a couples fitness class on the weekends. I really enjoy getting a good physical workout during the week. I never knew that wasting an hour after work could be so beneficial. The cost of the class is way less than the expense of purchasing and maintaining a second vehicle.


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