Virtual group training is better than nothing

The results of the COVID scare have been just terrible.

I used to love to see a musical at the local theatre every month.

I always attended a few concerts over the summer. I regularly visited the farmer’s market and also went to happy hour every week. I was very social. I enjoy having activities and events. With the virus still a threat, there are not many opportunities. I am so restricted now. There’s no chance to travel, get tickets for any shows or attend events with friends. I have been searching for things I might enjoy and have found something that is helping. I can be social and safe. I learned that the local health and wellness center offers virtual training classes. The class is run by a personal trainer. There are ten other people enrolled in the class with me. However, I can only see the fitness expert on the screen. I can hear the comments of other people while we workout. It is fun when we all chime in and chat during the class. I just like having something on the schedule. I started out taking a single class twice per week. I enjoy the class so much that I now take several classes to keep busy throughout the week. Two mornings, I have class before starting work. Two evenings, I have class after work, and I also have class on the weekends. I access a different personal trainer and new members in each class with this plan. I am hoping the gym will open up soon and allow in-person classes again. I would think the personal trainer would incorporate more equipment into the training sessions if we were all on site. I would love to meet up with people outside of class. For right now, I am just appreciating the virtual training sessions.

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