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Balanced ventilation systems operate based on the principle of introducing fresh air from outside into a room at the same rate that contaminated air inside your home is exhausted from the room without causing positive pressure or downside pressure inside your home, however in practice, many fans ensure balance in the exhaust plus supply using efficient controls, balanced Heating plus Air Conditioning systems are officially used in attachion with heat recoveries, then a heat exchanger in the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan converts the heat from the extracted air into energy, then heating the supply air.

The heat recovery is about 85% effective, ensuring the necessary replacement of contaminated indoor air without your energy bill going through the roof, but heat recovery in balanced ventilation systems recovers several times more energy to maintain your home’s temperature than fans use to replace your indoor air.

Balanced ventilation with heat recovery is ideal for maintaining healthy indoor air. Besides other things, the carbon dioxide levels need to be kept down plus stale air replaced while consuming low energy. A balanced ventilation plan with heat recovery helps to ensure a healthy indoor weather conditions by replacing the stale room air in an energy-efficient plus environmentally friendly manner… Supply-only plus exhaust-only ventilation systems are unbalanced, meaning they can pull pollutants into your home or transport moisture around, causing condensation. Balanced ventilation systems with energy recovery prevent indoor air conditions plus moisture troubles related to unbalanced ventilation systems. However, many homes with balanced ventilation systems often suffer pressure imbalances plus bad indoor air conditions due to insufficient plan design, installation, plus maintenance.



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