We had to get our dad out of the house

We wanted to replace our dad’s A/C for him for his birthday but we had to get him out of the house first.

We really wanted to surprise him, but my dad is very suspicious and so I’m pretty sure that he knew that we were up to something.

We tried to make him think that we just wanted to send him away for a nice relaxing night or two at a hotel for his birthday. He was up for going to stay at a hotel, but he thought that that was really weird. We told him we just wanted him to go there so he could swim in the pool and use the spa, but he gave us a weird look as he loaded his suitcase into his car and drove away. I’m pretty sure he knew that we were doing something, but I don’t think that he had any idea that we were going to be bringing in a complete HVAC crew to tear out his old central air conditioning system and completely replace it with a new high efficiency cooling system for his birthday. I mean, whenever I say it out loud it seems like it just sounds like a completely crazy idea. My sister and I were determined to get it done, though. Once we got our dad out of the house, we did not have any problems at all. The HVAC company showed up at his house right on time, and they got to work immediately. They had the old central air conditioning system torn out and the new one installed within a few hours, and then they even cleaned up after themselves. They were super professional, and my dad was so surprised!



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