We keep the air conditioning turned way down

We always keep the air conditioning turned way down in our house.

A lot of people complain about it when they come over to visit.

I mean, I guess it really is kind of cold in here during the summer, but I don’t think that people should complain about it. I think that it’s rude to complain about the temperature settings in someone else’s house! But that is how it always is whenever we host a party or a game night or something like that. I will admit that we keep the thermostat settings much lower than most people probably do in their own homes. Anyway, since the cold temperature inside of our house seems to annoy the people who come over, I decided to try and do something about it. I’m hot natured, but I’m not a bad hostess, that’s for sure. I’ve always tried to make sure that people feel comfortable whenever they come over to my house and that’s why I started to leave a little guest basket by the front door. The basket has a blanket, warm slippers, and a sweater in it and anyone who comes over and thinks that it’s too cold in the house is welcome to use whatever is in the guest basket. I think that it was a great idea, and my guests seem to think that too. Even though we still keep the air conditioning turned way down in the summer, people seem to be way more comfortable in our house these days. I’m glad that we decided to set up the guest basket because I certainly don’t want to stop using the air conditioning!

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