What to focus on when getting HVAC estimates

I am the kind of person that rarely stresses certain things. My parents say that I have always been easy, even as a baby. This often works for me but sometimes has many negative effects as people can easily take advantage. I often avoid places and situations that can put me on the line. When confronted with a dilemma, I am the kind that takes the high road. I do not fear being considered the loser for the sake of peace. Fortunately, those around me understand this aspect and are always on the lookout for me. I remember this one time when getting an estimate for my HVAC system; the HVAC professional discovered that I am not an argumentative person and wanted to take advantage. He did not know that I came well prepared to get the best deal from them since I had done my research. All I had to do was pose a few questions to him to know if they are a good fit and get the best prices. This did not require shouting or heckling since I knew what I wanted from extensive company research. My sister had helped a lot as she was the opposite of me and would aggressively go for what she wants even if it meant benign on the line. I knew the type of HVAC system I needed, the ideal size, and the model that would be perfect for my home. After I described everything I needed, the HVAC professional at the HVAC business store was pleasantly surprised that I was well conversant with the unit I sought. He went further to expound on what they had on offer and even helped me make a smarter choice that was better than I had opted for.


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