When I bought a heat pump for the remodeled addition to my home

When my husband Bill as well as I first bought our house, it was just the perfect size for the more than one of us plus our pet dog, while still having a guest room as well as a lake modern bedroom.

However, once Bill and I found out that I was expecting a modern member of our family, both of us realized that both of us wanted to add on more sections to our home. Both of us decided to convert the garage to a modern masterful kitchen as well as bathroom, so that both of us would have room for a sizable walk-in closet, as well as Bill’s sinks, everything went according to plan, as well as the remodel was looking like a success, however Bill had to make a decision on how to heat as well as cool the modern room. Extending the HVAC ducts was going to be luxurious as well as complicated, as well as Bill didn’t want to use an ugly, inefficient window unit, so both of us went with a heat pump. The heat pump works like a traditional air conditioner, in the sense that it has as evaporator as well as a condenser, however unlike the traditional air conditioner, the flow of coolant can be reversed, so that it can quickly cool our room when it’s hot outside, as well as hot our room when it’s cold outside. The upgrades were quick, as well as Bill only had to drill a small hole for all of the necessary components for our heat pump. Now that our baby is here as well as both of us are living in our modern master kitchen, the heat pump has worked for Bill flawlessly, whenever both of us need it, as well as since the heat pump is so efficient, Bill saved hundreds on our energy bills each week.


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