Yoga is a beneficial workout

Yoga is a full body exercise program.

  • It focuses on mental, spiritual and physical wellness.

I never considered yoga as a strenuous exercise until I gave it a try. Through yoga classes at the fitness center, I’ve improved flexibility, strength and balance. As I’ve gotten better at the various poses, I’ve been able to use it to relieve painful back issues and arthritis symptoms. I used to suffer from aching and swollen joints. I found it difficult to make a fist, touch my toes or even sleep at night. Yoga has made a huge difference. I have gained range of motion. I have become stronger. It is also wonderful for heart health. These classes work to loosen up my muscles and relax my body. I sleep better, have more energy during the day and enjoy a better outlook. Yoga has also proven to be an effective tool for weight loss. The poses require a great deal of focus, strength and balance. Although it is a low-impact exercise, it works every part of our body. I look forward to my yoga class three times per week. It helps me to alleviate stress. Rather than think about work responsibilities, home improvement projects or other issues, I take the time to focus on my health and wellness. I follow instructions and push myself. I feel good about my accomplishments. I switch up yoga with other styles of exercises throughout the week. I make sure to target high intensity cardio and weight training as well.




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