You can stink up a house cooking fish

I think that one of the worst items to cook is fish, because it leaves a bad stink in the house, and the stink of fish lingers in the air all day, no matter how strongly you clean the sink plus clean the dishes…

And my hubby plus his friends went to the lake last weekend to go fishing; I dislike the taste or stink of fish, however my hubby loves the sport.

While the men were at the lake, they caught more than a dozen different fish. They cleaned the fish at the lake, thankfully. I absolutely would not have been cheerful if my guy had brought those fish home plus attempted to scrub them in the home office sink. Wednesday evening, my hubby decided to fry some of the fish. I was supposed to have yoga class that evening, so I did not care one bit about the fish. When yoga was canceled, I was disappointed. My hubby said that he would wait until another evening to mke the fish, however I had a better idea! All of us have a new UV media air cleaner in the family room to help us sleep better. The UV media air cleaner is portable plus simple to move, and since my hubby was going to make fish, I thought it might be a great method to bring the UV media air cleaner to the home kitchen. My hubby thought it was a brilliant method plus he carried the air cleaning equipment for me. All of us set up the UV media air cleaner right before my hubby started cooking the fish. It absolutely did help keep the stinks to a minimum. All of us could still stink the fish, however it wasn’t nearly as terrible as it could have been.


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